I'm Chinwe Abana, The CEO of Peadove Group & the founder of Wisedoves Fertility Academy. It's time to have your babies..

About Us

At Wisedoves Fertility Academy, we help couples having delays in fertility to achieve conception, carry on to full term and deliver their miracle babies. Beyond the above, we coach women who are having issues with fertility on what to do and how to go about having their own babies. No womb-man is complete without the fruit of her womb and we know it is not your Creator’s intention for you as a womb-man!

We make women who are having such delays realize that having their own babies is no longer a rocket science. We do this through step by step teachings and exposures on several ways they can achieve conception, carry on successfully to full term and give birth to their babies.

I am not a doctor but I have gone through same frustration and misery and came out super successful. Doctors had given up on me, age was running out on me but I emerged a champion out of the journey of infertility.


These are women who we have helped welcome their bundles of joy after years of infertility. You're next!

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No. 37 Agbonyi Avenue, off Adelabu Street Aguda,
Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.